As much as we love craft beer and how popular it is, let’s talk about how delicious Craft Cider is! Cider is a drink that is hugely popular all across our tiny island.  But have you ever come across Irish Craft Cider?  With the weather we have had this summer, how good does a chilled glass of cider sound?

Here at The Riddler restaurant, we are delighted to be able to serve you, what in our opinion is one of the best ciders we have ever tried, Cockagee Cider.  As a new modern Irish restaurant, all our produce is Irish, this also includes our alcohol.  To encourage you to try this mouth-watering cider here is some information on what makes this cider so unique.

Cockagee Cider was founded around five years ago right in Slane, Co.Meath by Mark Jenkinson.


As Mark puts it himself “it is a one-man operation”.  So far in Cockagee Cider’ life, it has proven to be very successful winning multiple awards like first place at Cider Ireland’ Craft Cider Competition.  Most impressively this year it won The Best Irish Drink Award at the Irish Food Writers Guild Food Awards.

Cockagee Cider is the only craft cider in Ireland made using the ancient technique Keeving.  Keeving is the method of naturally sweetening cider.   It is a long process but in the end it is definitely worth it.

If you are looking to try some of this delicious Irish cider be sure to call into us at The Riddler Restaurant on High Street, we promise you will love it!

Our very friendly chefs and waiters can even recommend which food options on our menu are suited to this cider!





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