6 Things to do in Dublin city

Dublin is a relatively small city, this makes the perfect place for finding the tiny little bars and trendy museums that scatter the cobbled streets. These are some of the parts of dublin that you may not know about but are well worth a visit  while in the city! Whether you’re looking for a fancy cocktail or a piece of intriguing history from way back. We have some of the smallest and most unique attractions and bars around. Definitely give these six a visit to get a taste of the real and secret parts of dublin…and when you have finished exploring the nooks and  crannies of dublin’s street, The Riddler’s always open for breakfast lunch and dinner (except for monday, and early closure on tuesday). Here are 6 things to do in Dublin city!


1.Lucy’s Lounge Vintage Shop 

If your looking for a cute quirky little vintage shop to browse, Lucy’s is the place to go. There’s really not a lot of places like this in Dublin. It is located in the middle of Temple Bar, Down one of the tempting little side streets. You can’t really miss it, Its exterior is a bright luminous mixture of pinks and purples, with a large sign in the front. Along with the exterior, they also put out a baby’s pram with cool signs attached. If that doesn’t catch your attention, i don’t know what will! They sell lovely little trinkets, dazzling different jewelry and really cool vintage clothing. Upstairs you can see all the remarkable jewellery items and  browse the shelves that house some really cool things, which are mostly locally sourced. Downstairs you can find all the vintage clothing you need including old style dresses, funky flared jeans, jivin jackets and much much more. Its a very cool and unique place, Check it out!


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2.The VCC

The VCC stands for the Vintage Cocktail Club. This is one of the most exclusive and hardest bars to find in dublin! This little hideout is pretty amazing. Right in the middle of a buzzing temple bar, behind a plain black shop front, with an ominous ‘vcc’ on the dull door. It really doesn’t look like much, but behind the black boring facade is a spectacular vintage surprise. Ring the bell and disappear into a world full of old cozy armchairs, bright warming candles, tiny trinkets and a very cool relaxed atmosphere, it’s like travelling back in time! With mysterious never before seen (in my eyes) bottles of  alcohols lining the walls, it makes a unique drinking experience. Along with the unique interior, the artisan cocktails are a spectacular site…and taste! They do some really amazing contrasting flavours that work well and make it a fabulous cocktail drinking experience. The cocktail menu has a great range and choice, you’ll most definitely find something for you. They have great helpful staff there to aid you making the proper cocktail choice just for you. It’s a perfect experience if your looking for something different in comparison to the regular old dublin pub.




3. James Joyce Tower and Museum

Located just outside Dublin (about 30 mins) in the area of Sandycove. The tower itself is a great example of a network of Martello towers built by the British along the coast of Dublin in the early 19th century to defend against the threat of a Napoleonic invasion. It is also the setting in which the opening of James Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses is set, and proudly houses the James Joyce Museum, which boasts a unique and wonderful collection of Joycean memorabilia. It is also a terrific vantage point from which to enjoy panoramic views of the south coast of Dublin and “the awakening mountains” Joyce refers to in Telemachus, the opening episode of Ulysses that is set in the Tower. It is a very peaceful place to look out upon the sea or the mountains and just think, Maybe those thoughts could be about james joyce and his literary successes. It is open all year around and admission is completely free. The museum is fascinating and it’s a great spot for anyone who craves a bit of culture and history! Check out the website: http://www.joycetower.ie/


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4. Bourkes Bar

This tiny bar, just at the back of a bustling Whelans in dublin’s city centre, is a refreshing change to the wild bar scene we have in Dublin. It is more of a traditional irish pub. No fancy frills or fussy cocktails, No craft beers or gallons of different gins. Just stiff, traditional irish drinks, the way it should be in some places. It’s good to see the more traditional and neighbourhood pubs getting business in a city FULL of bars. Staying true to independent brands, Bourke’s selection of spirits has the noticeable absence of some mainstays such as Jameson whisky. But where we may miss some familiar names, we gain a number of the smaller batch Irish craft spirits from around the land. With just the 6 draught taps available, their minimalist beer selection includes Guinness, the one only exception to their 50% Irish rule. One of the first noticeable aspects of the bar is its quiet atmosphere. There is no background music (there is the occasional live music performance though) or TVs,  just a regular traditional pub, with an old man or two both with paddy caps nursing their guiness with a close eye. A cute little pub, worth a pint in!



5.National History Museum

Just off Merrion Square lives this overlooked little museum. It is an extremely interesting museum, and great for kids. I remember loving our trips here when i was young, it makes a great impression! Just two years before Charles Darwin published his famous work, ‘The Origin of Species’, the Natural History Museum in Merrion Street was opened to the public for the first time in 1857. Now, as then, it educates and inspires, leaving us feeling small and humbled amidst the vast and wondrous diversity of life on display. With many animals, exhibits and information its a great day out for all. Two million species, of which roughly half are insects, live side by side with, appropriately for a natural history museum, decorated and sculptured panels depicting mythological figures. This zoological museum encompasses outstanding examples of wildlife from Ireland and the far corners of the globe, some to be seen today and others long extinct. Take a look at our website here: https://www.museum.ie/Natural-History


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6.  The Riddler Restaurant Dublin!

One of the newest restaurants in Dublin. We will bring you on an original journey. A journey that will flood your senses. Our chefs pride themselves on serving tantalizing food. Fresh, quality Irish produce served with a spoonful of personality. But be prepared! We are one of the only restaurants in Dublin to challenge you as you eat. Our unique Riddle theme will entertain you as you soak up the atmosphere. It will keep you guessing. It will make you want to come back for more. Come for the experience. Return for the delicious food and great value for money. Make sure to book today at one of the most unique restaurants in Dublin! Check out out Menu here: www.theriddler.ie 



…Ok so maybe we aren’t  so hidden but we are definitely are one of Dublin’s gems. Drop in!

So…What things did you do in Dublin city?


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