A riddle is a statement or question or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved. For example: Voiceless it cries, Wingless flutters, Toothless bites, Mouthless mutters. What is it? Wind! Here in the riddler, we love our riddles and quizzes (like our name suggests). They cover our restaurants and provide great entertainment for whoever wishes to challenge themselves. You might find hard riddles or riddles that are way to easy but they will be sure to provide you with some great talking points.

They don’t only provide entertainment but they provide exercise for the brain. By testing your brain with puzzles, quizzes and riddles it is scientifically proven to heighten your brain functions and creates a longer brain mental age. Giving a simple riddle or quiz, your brain challenges itself by running through different answers that it could be and looking at the question in different aspects. Take riddles for example, Riddles can’t be worked out through simple straightforward logic. It has to be thought of in many different ways. You must look at the way in which the words are placed, the use of knowledge of language, experience, and you must use other external mental activities to solve it. Thus exercising your brain like this on a daily basis can improve your brain function.

Experts consider riddling as a ‘universal art’. How? Almost every culture has local riddles. Some countries that have many riddles are Philippines, Netherlands, Russia, China, Hungary and Finland. Many cultures already realized through riddling that everything is not what it seems. Here are some of the benefits that Riddles Provide for adults:

Memory Enhancer- Let’s face it, our memory as adults can be rusty sometimes. Riddles can actually help sharpening our minds. Experts suggest that puzzles such as riddles can reinforce the ongoing connection between brain cells. Riddles can enhance thought process because of mental alertness.

Accelerated Logic- Some riddles can be tough for adults. But, they can make a person think about the answer in all angles. They allow a person to think outside the box. Every trial and error in answering questions follows a system.

Encourage Imagination- To answer a riddle, you must recognize the details and combine them to form a bigger picture. That triggers a person to work with logic and imagination.

Release of Dopamine- Answering riddles enables the brain to produce a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Dopamine helps in improving motor skills, concentration, positive thinking, confidence, memory and understanding. That’s why some people won’t give up even if they answer the riddle wrong several times.

Riddles and challenges aren’t the only restaurant games that are played. Different restaurants and cafes all over the world have interesting fun things to do while you eat or wait for your food. It’s the best of both worlds, Food and entertainment all rolled into one! Another Game themed restaurant here in Dublin is Token in Smithfield. Pay for tokens and you can get to play all the old games you use to play like mario kart and many more! Another example comes from the states. The Punch Bowl in Denver. They have  a similar theme happening. They provide games like shuffleboard, bowling and more intriguing games such as those.

The Restaurant game theme is very engaging with customers and is a real crowd pleaser. It has been growing as a new and upcoming theme in the industry as businesses as seeing just how effective it is. It really makes a restaurant unique, and stands out in the sea of restaurants in the world today. Looking for a restaurant near you? The Riddler Provides modern irish food and also challenges you while you eat! Take a look at our menu and our riddles on our website here: Check out our menu here! 

Let’s finish off with one of the things we do best:

‘They try to beat me, they try in vain.
And when I win, I end the pain’

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