Dublin is ireland’s capital and is usually where everyone visits if they only have a few days in ireland, but just about an hour/40 minutes outside the city centre is the charming county of wicklow. Whether you’re a tourist in dublin or a dublin resident wicklow and the surrounding area is the perfect place for a little break and to bury yourself in the rural green nature that Wicklow is known for. It is referred to as the garden of ireland, i guess that speaks for itself! It doesn’t take long to get there and is a nice break from the buzz of the city, there is also many things to see and do all around the county. Rolling hills, Climbing cliffs, deep hidden lakes, tiny towns and long beaches, all very romantic.


One of the most iconic tourist attractions in wicklow is the Monastic City of Glendalough (Glen of the two lakes) which has such a rich history and a remarkable story behind every turn in this large estate. This early Christian monastic settlement was founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century. This city consists of a number of monastic remains, and the most impressive being the Round Tower which stands 30m high. The main group of monastic buildings lies downstream near the Round Tower. The grounds were entered through the Gateway, which has two round headed granite arches. Evidence of human activity in the valley possibly goes as far back as the Neolithic Period. Recent excavations have uncovered industrial activity that may be contemporary with St Kevin’s reputed foundation of a monastery around 600AD. As well as Glendalough being one of the most important medieval ecclesiastical landscapes in Ireland it is also one of the most beautiful sites with its two large lapping lakes and mountain trails leading up through saint kevin’s ancient journey.


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But apart from this legendary site wicklow has a lot more to offer.  A little bit of a drive back down to the coast and you’ll find the sweet seaside town of bray, and bray is a great day out for all the family. With trendy restaurants, inviting shop fronts and a pretty pebbly shore it’s a very lovely town. For those a little more adventurous and energetic there’s the bray to greystones coastal walk. On a sunny day it’s a marvellous experience, with the trail circling around the cliffs you can view the native seabirds and try to spot the odd dolphin. There is also the great building and gardens of powerscourt where you can take a stroll around the garden trails and indulge in a little lunch in the garden cafe. Powerscourt is also home to Ireland’s largest waterfall, it’s quite a site!


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You can visit many great sites in wicklow. Wicklow town has a great history and is an interesting town to spend the day in. The mountains have adventure and excitement as well as hidden rural delicious restaurants and  many surprises in store. Wicklow is a really spectacular country, absolutely not to be missed on your tour of ireland. Visit there website and plan your trip today!

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