Dublin’s own Temple: Temple Bar.

Probably one of the most famous places in dublin and a place you do not want to be on St.patrick’s day.  Temple bar is an area that is just 9 minutes walk away from the riddler, and from temple bar it is a lovely stroll up through dame street and passing the histories of the liberties. Temple bar is the place to drink pints of guinness with the irish and have a good bit of craic as well!

As travellers trundle through the cobbled stone streets they look mezmerised, heads thrown side to side, trying to soak in the as many of the sites as possible. Everyone loves temple bar because of  its fun atmosphere, with buskers singing irish tunes on the sidewalks and the colourful creative buildings that line the street, it’s irresistible. Friday and Saturday are the the busiest nights out in dublin you’ll see in the temple bar area, the pubs are packed to the brim and the streets are full of the joys of the Irish spirit. You can’t leave dublin without getting to see temple bar…and the riddler!

So what’s the history behind this irish landmarked area? The area was named after Sir William Temple who was the provost of Trinity College and had his house and gardens at the area now called Temple Bar in Dublin. In 1707 the temple bar area became busy as custom house opened close to the centre of temple bar and with this came activity, taverns and brothels. In later years custom house moved location over the river and the area stood quiet again. By the 1960s it was unused so it became a slum for the poor and homeless of dublin. In the 1980s the bus depot was set up near the area and the rent was still low so small businesses, shops and galleries started popping up around the area with the opening of the bus depot. And so the area truly blossomed from there on, starting with businesses and moving into making itself the ‘creative quarter’ of Dublin.


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Today we see the popularity of the area and the success it has had. It is now an area of artistic appreciation, fine guinness/ Whiskey and a friendly atmosphere which are all pull factors to travellers visiting dublin and the residents themselves. There are so many great pubs in the area which are loved by all who visit temple bar, the main attraction is THE temple bar pub that is hard to get into on a friday or saturday night but they have live music and a bar full of everything you could want so head in early, it’s well worth a visit. Temple bar is overflowing with culture and character with its cobbled stone streets and winding watery street, it is a fabulous part of the city. Truly the temple of ireland!


We provide an early bird from 5.30pm – 9.00pm on Tuesday and Wednesday , 5.30pm – 7pm Thursday-Saturday and 5.30pm – 8pm Sunday. 2 course for €19.50 and 3 course €24.50. Our full menu for this is on our website above.

Dinner service is from Tuesday – Saturday at 5.30pm – 9.00pm  and Sunday 5.30pm – 8.00pm. Our full menu is on the main page of the website, but here i can run through some of our most popular dishes. To start we have a Fresh duck salad accompanying fragrant mango, pomegranate and sweet candied walnuts. We also serve an Irish organic cured salmon served with cooling cucumber &  a tangy lemon and lime dressing.

For our main courses we have a perfect pork belly  that has been slow cooked for 8-hours, Clonakilty black pudding, potato croquette and an apple puree, which goes so well with the rich pork belly. We also have a tempting risotto with wild barley, sun dried tomato, asparagus, fresh peas, crisp rocket and creamy parmesan sprinkled on top.

For a scrumptious dessert we have some options that will tickle your taste buds. There’s an indulgent chocolate & honeycomb mousse with a lucious baileys cream. For our cheese lovers we have the Riddlers irish cheese board with local cheeses, apple chutney and a range of crunchy crackers.

We have a selection of wonderful wines available for all occasions, with beers and some cocktails if you’re lucky! But we also serve soft drinks, juices, tea and a wide range of coffee. We have something for all.

We’d love it if you could drop by on your adventures around Dubin and maybe if your in the region visiting temple bar, we are just a 9 minute walk. Come visit us!






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