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Here at the Riddler we have history on our doorstep, including the the deeply historical and beautiful, Dublin castle. Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city there’s a little piece of history nestled in the heart of the Dublin itself. Here, in our fair city, heritage sites are very important in terms of tourism, businesses and for us here in the Riddler too.

Ireland has such a deep and interesting past which sets us apart from other destinations, along with friendly faces and fabulous food.  As well as other heritage sites in Ireland, Tourism in this area has steadily risen in the last few years and the numbers visiting dublin castle will keep going up. Historical sites are very popular with incoming tourists, as they are usually beautiful architecturally  and  they are historically and culturally rich. These sites are great for tourists as they provide a background to the region’s history in an interactive way.

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This glorious castle dates back to 1204, and from 1204 until 1922 it was the seat of the English, during that time it served principally as a residence for the British monarch’s Irish representative and the Viceroy of Ireland. Originally the castle was developed as a medieval fortress by orders of King john of England. It had four corner towers linked by high curtain walls and was built around a large central enclosure.  It remained largely intact until April 1684, when a major fire caused severe damage to much of the building. Despite the extent of the fire, parts of the medieval and Viking structures survived and can still be explored by castle visitors today.

In the late-seventeenth and eighteenth centuries there was a campaign launched to rebuild the castle after the fire. The Castle transformed from a medieval bastion into a Georgian palace as a result of this campaign. New grand reception rooms were built into the new castle and in these rooms great feasts, state occasions and festivals were held by the Viceroy of Ireland. Now the castle is home to some gorgeous works of art and within the castle there is a museum showing the full history and backstory of the castle. The castle can also be hired out for events and conferences if so desired. Dublin castle is said to be the home of dublin’s city’s history.

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