The Chester Beatty Library.

The Chester Beatty library, another illustration of Ireland’s ancient history and rich culture. 7 minutes walk to and from us here at the riddler, this library is the perfect stop off for a bit of history and knowledge after or before a modern irish meal. This perfect day to if you want to have a truly irish experience: A roam around the city, stopping by the culturally curious Chester Beatty library, ending with a dinner  in the Riddler.

The library’s mission statement is as follows ‘ To maintain and preserve the collections of the Library and to make them available in the most appropriate ways for the use and enjoyment of the public and for scholarly study and research, in order to promote a wider appreciation and understanding of the international cultural heritage embodied in the collections and to foster relations between Ireland and the peoples whose cultures are represented in the collections.’


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This gorgeous library is a public charitable trust established under the will of the late Sir Alfred Chester Beatty, which was granted probate in 1968. As a charitable institution the Library is responsible directly to the Charities Regulator and is subject to all duties and responsibilities of the Charities Act 2009. It is just over 80% funded by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, so it is also a registered Public Sector Body. The Chester Beatty Library fosters the  promotion, appreciation and understanding of world cultures, and the engagement with the peoples whose cultures are represented in the Collections. The Library contains some of the finest treasures of the great cultures and religions of the world. The Collections were left in the care of a Trust for the benefit of the Irish people by Chester Beatty (1875–1968), who was a successful American mining engineer, collector and philanthropist.

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Through its permanent and temporary displays, its intercultural learning programme and broad variety of public activities for all ages and backgrounds, it is a vibrant, engaging and welcoming space for the appreciation and understanding of world cultures. As well opening the library and collection to the public, the venue supports different cultural events and in addition adds a creative environment for individuals that showcase their works. This is what the Chester Beatty is all about, showcasing new and old cultural works and restoring the history of ireland’s ancient achieves.
With free admission and described by the Lonely Planet as not just the best museum in Dublin, but one of the best in Europe, the Chester Beatty Library is a must-see on any Dublin visitor’s itinerary. Hop into us on the way!



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